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Energy saving is number one "alternative energy source" and ACER has the know-how, the techniques and the technologies to assist citizens, Institutions or companies that wish to make use of this important opportunity.
From green housing to green architecture, from heat insulation to plant engineering, from household appliances management to electrical devices (domotics), up to the use of solar panels: ACER can either acting directly or provide consultancy in all of these sectors.

More specifically, ACER deals with:

  • energy/environmental diagnosis of buildings (specific data management software)
  • cost/benefit analysis and economic feasibility for existing property and new buildings
  • architectural and plat design for energy independence
  • energy requalification for all buildings
  • consumption analysis and monitoring
  • technical support for customers
  • information and training of citizens and market sector operators
  • implementation of systems for producing energy from renewable sources (sun, geothermal energy, biomass...)
  • consumer protection via controls and contract models
  • acquisition of financial resources (public offers of funds from regional administration, central government, European institutions, conventions with credit institutions)


creation: 11/11/2009
last modification: 21/09/2015

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