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Sede storica, via Piccinini, Reggio Emilia - fonte: biblioteca Panizzi (RE)

The Reggio Emilia IACP (Public Housing Autonomous Authority) was established in 1921 for the purpose of building and renting social housing houses and flats in the Reggio Emilia province territory. 
Regional Law no. 24 of 2001 transferred ownership of social housing buildings and flats to the relevant Municipalities. The same law also transformed IACP in ACER, (Azienda Casa Emilia Romagna - Emilia Romagna Housing Company), which are Public Institutions of Commercial/Economic Nature, owned by the Provincial Administration and the Municipalities. 

Sede di via Battaglione Toscano, Reggio EmiliaSede di via Nobili, Regio EmiliaSede di piazza Vallisneri, Reggio Emilia

ACER underwent a deep evolution and metamorphosis that led it to become a new instrument, different and with a broader offer.
The company is a proactive member of a continually evolving system of enterprises and services that meets the needs of a constantly evolving society.

In an optimal territory like the Reggio Emilia Province, ACER is an effective instrument in the hands of local authorities (provincial administrations and municipalities) to define strategies, prepare programmes and enact the measures needed to fulfil the required objectives.

ACER Reggio Emilia operates on the province's territory in the service of Municipalities, but it also has autonomous, financial and accounting autonomy as well as juridical liability. The Municipalities and the Provincial Administration own the company and they define the strategic guidelines and directions of the company via the Tavolo provinciale delle politiche abitative (Provincial Housing Policies Board) and the Conferenza degli enti (Authorities' Convention).

Today ACER is a modern company, which combines a market oriented attitude with a strong social role, and it is also an innovative company, which stands at the forefront both in the use of advanced energy saving technologies and in making buildings that unite equity of costs with building quality.

Nuova Sede, via della Costituzione, Reggio Emilia







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